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EDraw Flowchart ActiveX Control 2.3

EDraw Flowchart ActiveX Control 2.3: Build flowchart applications with minimum time loss! Do you want to learn how to draw? Now you can online! Learn how to draw like an local application with EDraw ActiveX Control, that lets you quickly build basic flowcharts, organizational charts, business charts, hr diagram, work flowchart, programming flowchart and network diagrams. It is a MFC based ActiveX control, compiled with Microsoft VC++ 6.0!

PDF Form Filler OCX 3.1: PDF Form Filler,Fill PDF Forms,Save PDF Forms,PDF Form Filling,edit PDF Forms
PDF Form Filler OCX 3.1

OCX features: 1. PDF Form Filler OCX do not require full version of Adobe Acrobat; 2. PDF Form Filler OCX support fill out interactive PDF forms; 3. PDF Form Filler OCX support fill PDF forms with any field type; 4. Filled PDF forms can be saved or saved as a new PDF file; 5. PDF Form Filler OCX support save the data that you enter into a PDF form, fill it in offline, and later print or submit your form; 6. PDF Form Filler OCX support send a completed

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9 pin RS422 OCX Controller 1.5.0: 9 pin RS422 VCR Controller Sony Protocol Component OCX VTR Control from computer
9 pin RS422 OCX Controller 1.5.0

9 pin RS 422 VTR controller ocx component, allows you to have control over a remote controllable VCR or DDR with sony protocol RS 422, any 9 pin video device can be controlled by this interface, from your Visual Basic application it also can be used in Visual C, HTML or any other compiler accepting OCX interface. It also can read timecode in all formats as LTC TIME - VITC TIME - TIMER-1 - TIMER-2 - LTC UB - VITC UB.

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GdViewer OCX 4.12.0: GdViewer OCX - Image & PDF Viewer OCX Control for application development
GdViewer OCX 4.12.0

GdViewer OCX is an Image and PDF Viewer ActiveX control that supports a lot of image format like tif, jpg, wmf, gif, j2k, png, psd... It can be used from any Windows development environment that can call OCX components and into web browsers. With GdViewer OCX you can chose how the image must be displayed. You can customize zoom mode and stretch mode, select a region to display, pan the image, print the image, retrieve the metadata...

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F-IN-BOX, .NET Edition 3.1: A .NET component to enhance Macromedia / Adobe Flash Player ActiveX features.
F-IN-BOX, .NET Edition 3.1

ocx/flash.ocx file which is already installed on the system. The control can alternatively use any swflash.ocx/flash.ocx file you provide using any supported source. Thanks to this method, your application will work even if the Flash Player ActiveX does not exist on the target system. With F-IN-BOX, hassling with Flash Player ActiveX installation issues is a thing of the past! Demos, complete with source code, are available now! One of the problems

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Fix Threed32.ocx Error 2.0: Fix threed32.ocx Error to execute System Applications Smoothly
Fix Threed32.ocx Error 2.0

If you are unable to execute any 3D applications due to Threed32.ocx error then there must be some probelm in your registry or you are using old drivers. So, you can easily fix this error if you download Driver Software update or use Regisrty Repair Software. For more information visit:

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RSP CD-DA Extraction OCX 2.0.0

ActiveX OCX to list , test and extract audio or data from CD units and save as wav PCM files What is new in the version 2.0.0 (Wed May 09 13:39:22 2007) :Fixed a bug in the control that make the ocx crash during the utilization of some of the apis exported , fixef a bug that will make the ocx crash during the termination of the application , removed the event that auto detect the cd change, it was not working as expected

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